Transfiguration Retreat

Sunday, June 28, 2015 – Sunday, July 5, 2015

This annual, week-long retreat is an extraordinary gathering of the community of Waking Down practitioners, mentors, and teachers. Our group will become a sacred container for the precious work that unfolds through our collective presence.

Our focus will be on both individuality and Mutuality. In the alchemy of Mutuality, we always make a lot of space for each of us to be uniquely who we are as well as to come together in ways that are natural.

In the early mornings after breakfast, you can choose from special optional sessions, such as silent meditation and explorations in conscious embodiment.

Mid-morning, we’ll divide into several larger sittings for gazing meditation and conversation about your process. After lunch, small group meetings will be held. In each of these groups, one or two teachers, joined by a mentor assistant, will facilitate 5 or 6 students in deeper individual work and mutuality in an intimate, highly personalized setting. The afternoon closes with a gathering called Nectar, an optional non-verbal space to allow the day to settle and integrate into our bodies. The Nectar sessions are led by various teachers who offer gentle music. People sleep, rest, or sit silently as they bathe in this peaceful time.

On many evenings we offer special optional events – parties, a creative expression night, presentations, and sittings. Our parties are always a wonderful and treasured feature, and our creative expression nights are an especially enjoyable treat in which participants and teachers can express their unique talents.

Mid-retreat  everyone takes a day off to integrate and relax in their own ways. You might arrange an outing alone or with others. Or, you might simply choose to stay on the grounds and rest. Meals will be provided for those staying on site.


Because Transfiguration Retreats are such powerful events, we require all participants to have previous experience with Waking Down, through both direct contact with teachers and also basic conceptual knowledge from reading. Prerequisites for those attending for the first time include completion of the Waking Down Online Foundation Course, a minimum of 5 sessions by phone with a Waking Down teacher, and/or attending at least 5 Waking Down sittings in person.