Transfiguration Retreat

Our next Transfiguration Retreat will start May 22, 2016, at Earthrise at IONS in Petaluma, California.

Registration is not yet open. If you have specific questions about the dates or anything else, please follow the button below to fill out a contact form and someone will respond to you shortly.

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This annual, week-long retreat is an extraordinary gathering of the community of Waking Down practitioners, mentors, and teachers. Our group will become a sacred container for the precious work that unfolds through our collective presence.

Our focus will be on both individuality and Mutuality. In the alchemy of Mutuality, we always make a lot of space for each of us to be uniquely who we are as well as to come together in ways that are natural.

Experience the benefits…

  • Immersion: Steep yourself in the powerful transmission of Being-Transmission during the week-long retreat with group sessions morning and afternoon and optional activities in the evening. Allow your body-mind to become attuned to the resonance of Being.
  • Deep Personal Support: Transform in a deeply supportive container with low teacher/student ratios. Opportunities abound for intimate interactions with the teaching staff both in small and medium sized gatherings, at meals, breaks, and other less formal gatherings. The space held by the teachers and mentors is vast, inclusive, welcoming, and perfect for inner work and transformation.
  • Awakening: The environment is so catalytic that participants regularly experience profound shifts at the TR.
  • Whole Being Relaxation: Learn how to relax into your divinely human nature and discover your authentic self, including all of its paradoxical dimensions.
  • Profound Connections: Feel the alchemy as we gather together and develop lasting connections with others in the sacred sanctuary of Waking Down community.
  • Peace and Beauty: Enjoy the serene environment at Earthrise at IONS in Petaluma, California, on 194 acres of beautiful rolling hills surrounded by panoramic vistas. Special features include a labyrinth, a peaceful meditation hut, a huge outdoor hot tub, and lovely sitting areas and gardens for quiet contemplation.
  • Awesome Food: Nourish your body with the delicious, wholesome meals served at EarthRise (chicken, fish, and vegetarian options). Their cuisine is California-style with an emphasis on fresh organic local foods. Gluten-free desserts and vegan meals are also available for those with special dietary needs.


Because the Transfiguration Retreat is such a powerful event, we require all participants to have previous experience with Waking Down, through both direct contact with teachers and also basic conceptual knowledge from reading.

Prerequisites for those attending the TR for the first time:

  1. Completion of the Waking Down Online Foundation Course.
    You’ll receive a full rebate on the Foundation Course fee if you attend your first TR in 2016.
  2. Plus, a minimum of five sessions with a Waking Down teacher (on phone, Skype, or in person), or a minimum of 3 sittings plus 3 private sessions or a weekend event.
  3. Approval of your Waking Down teacher.

If you have not met these prerequisites, and would like to attend the TR, email Juliet or call her at 503-252-6620 as soon as possible to discuss ways you can fulfill these requirements. Once your registration application is reviewed, please be advised that if needed, we might ask you to do some additional one-on-one phone work with a teacher.


In the early mornings after breakfast, you can choose from special optional sessions, such as silent meditation and explorations in conscious embodiment.

Mid-morning, we’ll divide into several larger sittings for gazing meditation and conversation about your process. After lunch, small group meetings will be held. In each of these groups, one or two teachers, joined by a mentor assistant, will facilitate 5 or 6 students in deeper individual work and mutuality in an intimate, highly personalized setting. The afternoon closes with a gathering called Nectar, an optional non-verbal space to allow the day to settle and integrate into our bodies. The Nectar sessions are led by various teachers who offer gentle music. People sleep, rest, or sit silently as they bathe in this peaceful time.

On many evenings we offer special optional events – parties, a creative expression night, presentations, and sittings. Our parties are always a wonderful and treasured feature, and our creative expression nights are an especially enjoyable treat in which participants and teachers can express their unique talents.

Mid-retreat everyone takes a day off to integrate and relax in their own ways. You might arrange an outing alone or with others. Or, you might simply choose to stay on the grounds and rest. Meals will be provided for those staying on site.

Tuition Support

Tuition support funds are available for those who qualify. Please fill out a Tuition Support Application to apply.

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